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A.The job descriptions of "Documentation Officer" are stated below:


-       Responsible for registering, filling and documenting the cases referred by the PNCC staff (Outreach Support Coordinator) from Malaysia and also directly submitted to the PNCC.

-       Responsible to coordinate with Outreach Support Coordinator in Malaysia, suffers migrant from Malaysia and their family members and PNCC rescue team.

-       Responsible to update case management database and encode the cast in Migrant Right Violence Right System (MRVRS) online. 

-       Support to prepare event, internal and final report of the project.

-       Work in close coordination with project team based in Nepal and out of country

-       Support for effective implementation of the project.

                -       Coordinate/support different events, consultations, and trainings

                 -       Establish the necessary linkages to concerned stakeholders in Malaysia and Nepal.

-       Responsible for rescue and legal remedial services to the distressed migrant workers.

-       Responsible for handling all the cases of distressed Nepali migrant workers related to Malaysia

-       Support to families of destitute Nepalis migrant workers in order to provide them compensation and benefits guaranteed by the existing law of Nepal as well as of destination countries.

-       Prepare a database of all the cases referred by Malaysia side and maintain proper case file and case studies of supported cases.

-       Translattion of  Nepali to English