NST 02:45:35pm Fri, Oct, 20, 2017


The job descriptions of "Project Corodinator" are stated below:

-Responsible for effective implementation of the project.

-Prepare the work plan for the effective implementation of the project and share with project team, project partner and the Executive Committee of PNCC. Organize, coordinate and facilitate all the activities of the project.

-Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders relevant to the project including donor/s.

-Coordinate with all staffs under the project in the central office and outreach office of PNCC.

-Coordinate and manage good and interpersonal relationship with governmental and non-governmental organizations and persons necessary for effective implementation of the project.  

-Coordinate to support to destitute Nepalese migrant workers in destination countries as referred by different sources.

-Coordinate with and supervise subordinates for implementation of the activities planned under the project.

-Monitor and supervise the progress of the activities on the basis of the work plans and action plans.

-Coordinate with the management department for administrative and financial matters.

-Carryout any other responsibility as required as assigned by the organization