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Case Stories




Twenty–six year old Nepali migrant worker (X) of Sarlahi district was the eldest in the family. His family consisted of father, mother, and three brothers and was totally depended upon farming. Due to lack of proper job opportunity and his poor family condition he made a mind to seek foreign employment job in order to support his family financially. In this process he came in contact with the local agent and recruiting agency Pardeshi Manpower in Nepal who offered him a job of production officer and good amount of Salary in a Good Night Company in Malaysia. He made a initial investment of NRS 1,00000 (One lakh) for the whole recruiting process  as a recruiting charge. 

After three years of employment in Malaysia, he got an opportunity to visit his family and homeland on a vacation. But unfortunately he was arrested and put into custody as the immigration officer in Malaysia airport discovered a fake passport carried by him.  When he was found holding the passport of another person identity, he then put into custody by Malaysian police. 

STEP:  When the family member of X got the news of his arrestment, they reported the case in the Migration Resource Center at Malangwa, Sarlahi then was forwarded to our organization PNCC (Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee) seeking help to rescue and bring his son back to Nepal. We supported them in arranging all the documents required to carry out the process. Along with the arrangement we coordinated and collaborated with the Nepalese Diplomatic Mission and our representatives to assist in locating the jail of his detention.   As per our request and coordination the embassy located the jail and asked us to arrange the travel fair to get him back. Finally our organization assisted the family member in arranging the travel fair and succeeded to bring him back to Nepal. 





Thirty -one years old Nepali male migrant worker (Y) of Sarlahi district went to Qatar like other fellow villagers with a dream of earning for better livelihood and supports his family economically. In process of foreign employment he came into contact with the recruiting agency Grand Shikhar Overseas Private Ltd who offered him a labor work in Gulf Al Misnad Engineering & Contracting W.L.L Company and promised him to pay good salary and a work of average twelve hours a day for 6 days a week. 

During his (Y) one year of employment, he met a sudden cardiac arrest on his work site as a result he died over there. The family member when informed could not believe his death (Y) because there were no any symptoms of bad health. The witness also claimed that he was in a good health prior to the accident.  

STEP: The case was forwarded in our organization Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC) as the family member reported it in Migration Resource Center Sarlahi by the family member seeking help for compensation of deceased body. We supported the family member in collecting and submitting all the documents and applications required getting the compensation. Through the regular communication, and coordination with the Foreign Employment Promotion Board (FEPB) and Insurance Company, succeeded to provide compensation of rupees one lakhs Fifty thousand from FEPB and Five Lakhs from the Insurance Company to the family member of deceased body. Now we are working to provide insurance money and remaining compensation from the destination country as soon as possible.