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Working Areas

Education and Awareness

Realizing issue of international labor migration as one of the most overlooked issues and rift of knowledge among migrant workers and their families, PNCC has been constantly working to raise awareness among the migrant community through various interventions including establishment of Migrant Resource Centers (MRCs). In addition, various educational campaigns, production and distribution of related Information  Education  and  Communication (IEC)  materials  and audio/video materials, counseling services to aspirant migrant workers and  their  families,  capacity  building  events  for  government  and non-governmental actors including members of migrant community, training events on various issues of migration and mass awareness campaigns have been carried out.


Access to Justice

Access to Justice is one of the major working components of PNCC. Through 'Access to Justice' program, PNCC has been providing with counseling services to aspirant and returnee migrants and their families on legal issues of labor migration in Nepal, rapid response mechanism to stranded and distressed Nepalese migrants through its wide spread networks and Migrant Resource Centers. PNCC deals with comprehensive system on facilitating legal aid services to distressed migrants and their families, regardless of their documentation  status,  which  is  termed  as  'Rapid  Response Mechanism'.


Policy Advocacy

Policy treatment for migrant workers is a key human rights challenge. A large number of people leave Nepal to seek employment abroad. Many of them face rights violations including forced labor, exploitation, sexual abuse, non-payment of wages, excessive work, limitation of mobility, denial of access to services, or workplace discrimination. The difficulties experienced by migrant workers are reported almost daily by the Nepali media. Effective justice mechanisms and advocacy are vital to narrow this gap  between  internationally  accepted  standards  and  the  real-life experiences of many migrant workers. In this context, PNCC has been working with human rights and migrant rights advocates as to how migrant rights can be understood in the human rights' framework, including establishment of government led and run sustaining rapid response mechanism and ratification of various international conventions on migrant workers.


Rapid Response Mechanism

Since its establishment, PNCC has been working to provide immediate support to Nepalese migrant workers - those are in distress, which is better termed as 'Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM). PNCC mobilizes its wide-spread networks within the country and in the destination countries to get assisted with its (response) mechanism, which has been proactively supported  by  various  government  agencies,  diplomatic  missions, Diaspora, international non-governmental organizations, UN agencies and migrant community in the destination countries among others. PNCC has been focusing to provide wider access to justice for migrant workers and their families in cases like death of migrant workers in the destination countries, non-payment or under payment of salary, fraudulent cases on migration process, facilitation services for claim on compensation, unfair penalties legal and allegations, regardless of their documentation status. In addition, PNCC has also been utilizing its physical and virtual (internet) networks to track and trace situation of Nepalese migrant workers in the destination countries. Amid these networks, many cases of migrant workers also come to PNCC through MRCs.



Migrants do not just send remittances home to support households, but often plan to use their funds for their own future economic activity in the home country. This can be one of the important measures to help sustain country's economy and further contribute to the development process of the nation. Realizing the immense capacity of returnee migrants in development of country, PNCC has been working to promote entrepreneurship among returnee migrants' networks across the country. PNCC focuses on empowering and engaging returnee migrants in a sustaining enterprise through providing training programs on enterprise development, facilitation on technical training on skill enhancement, market study and research, capital generation and mentorship programs for aspirant returnee migrant entrepreneurs. For this,  PNCC  coordinates  with  major  financial  institutions,  technical training   providers,   established   entrepreneurs,   market   research institutions and economic think tanks.