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Help Needy Children

Every child if educated well with family love and parental care can become capable citizen in future. The quality education from very initial stage of life lays down pathways to exploring boundless opportunities for happiness and prosperity in family. Unfortunately, many poor and helpless children in Nepal are still either out of school or have no access to better education due to family poverty. The condition of the children of especially missing and undocumented Nepali migrant workers is even more pathetic. They are often exposed to multi-faceted vulnerabilities that emerge from chronic poverty, illiteracy, poor health and other socio-economic hardships. The families whose survival solely depends on the remittance become hopeless after their loved ones stop communicating and sending money back home. This hugely impacts the fate of such children preventing them from having access to education. The Govt. also does not take any responsibility to support these children in their complicated situations. Since no organized efforts are made to help such children, Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC) with a feeling of deep sense of social responsibility, requests all generous individuals, trusts, organizations from across the world to join us in our campaign for helping such helpless children. Your contribution (big or small) will definitely make some visible impacts in the life of poor and helpless children to have an access to better education which eventually opens avenues for their better survival in future.

Ø  Target Group: 20 poor and helpless children of migrant workers especially missing/undocumented

Ø  Target Fund-  NRs.25,00,000 (Twenty Five Hundred Thousand)

For donations, please follow  the following banking details;

Bank Details:

Account Holder's Name: Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC)

Bank' Name: Mega Bank Nepal

Branch: Kantipath, Kathmandu

Account Number: 0010010179831