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Bhupal Basnet Waits for Help

Frustrated Bhupal bitterly laments, "I never imagined that I would be in jail in foreign land; indeed, I came here with a dream to make a living and support my family; but things turned tough before I could translate my dream into reality". Bhupal Basnet comes from a poor family all the way from Baraha Municipality-02, Sunsari district. Inflicted by chronic poverty and lack of suitable job opportunity within country, he went to Saudi Arabia in heavy driving visa through Paju International Private Company 2 years back, on 26 April, 2016 (2073 Baisakha 14). Upon reaching there, he worked in AL MAJAL AL ARABI GROUP COMPANY as a driver for nearly 6 years.

While working as a driver for his company, he went through horrible traffic accident that caused the death of a Saudi national. This incident took him in jail for some months. Later, under the initiation of his company, the case was somehow settled and he was released from the jail. Right after this, he came to Nepal straight away. 1 year later, having no livelihood option in home country, he again flew to Saudi Arabia to work in another company. Upon his arrival in Saudi Airport, while checking his fingerprint in Biometric System, he was caught right from the airport quite surprisingly and then put in a BUREDA JAIL located in Saudi Arabia. Since then, he has been spending his painful days in foreign jail.

While asking for the reason of his imprisonment, he was told to have been responsible for the traffic accident that took place some years back during his tenure in previous company. In fact, it was the case for which he already served certain term in jail. After this, he thought his case was settled ad therefore returned to Nepal as freed bird. But unfortunately, the case was not closed permanently showing the pending dues of Blood Money (the compensation to be given to the families of victims) equivalent to 75300 Riyal as decided by the court. Now his case does not allow him to come home without paying the Blood Money which puts in very pathetic situation.   

Bhupal Basnet has been living his painful in in foreign jail in complete state of frustration and hopeless. In the meantime, his desperate family went far and wide for help but did not work. Since there have been no organized efforts to collect Blood Money to helping Basnet, PNCC would like to bring this issue to the attention of every generous individuals and organizations around the world for your needful support to rescue him from foreign jail and bring him back home where his beloved family members are desperately waiting for him to come home.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small the amount, will come a long way in helping Basnet and make a huge impact in the lives of his family and the families of the victims of that fateful accident.  

Target Fund

Total Collected

Remaining Support Needed

NRs. 21,10,000


21, 00, 000

For Donation:

Global IME Bank

Anamnagar Branch, Kathmandu

Account Number: 3901010000409

Swift Code: GLBBNPKA

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