NST 12:00:26pm Thu, Dec, 14, 2017

Training on Advocacy of Migrant Rights:

Five-day long training on Advocacy of Migrant Rights was organized by PNCC from August 9 t0 13, 2014 at Dhulikhel, Kavre.  Total 30 members including 15 individuals who were selected from ground level discussion, have been trained about the national and international legal mechanism related to migration, leadership skills and network building, proposal and report writing technique, women migration and other issues. The training was also able to bring migrant community from seven districts of Nepal including PNCC members and staffs who have been working at district level.

The training was able to strengthen PNCC network from ground to national level, develop and enhance their capacity on migrant rights issues. Additionally, the participants have been able to make short concept notes and plan of actions for doing advocacy on migrant rights issues from ground level. 14 concept notes have been developed by the participants of the training. Out of 14, ten best concept notes have been selected for further advocacy events at respective districts.